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Camp Crossway is a non-profit organization funded through Camper Registrations, livestock and produce sales, facility rentals, and largely through private donations. We are appreciative of sponsorships and donations of any amount, as this enables us to offer affordable camp experiences to as many children as possible.
Some of our contributors like to Sponsor a specific need. Options include:
Camper Sponsorship - $100.00
This provides one week of Overnight Camp to a camper of your choice. If you do not wish to specifiy which camper you will sponsor, one will be chosen for you based on need.
Harvest Fest - Purchase or Provide Funding for Concession Stand Supplies
Concessions is one of Harvest Fest's biggest fundraising opportunities.
Nativity Story Drive Thru - Purchase costumes, gloves, tobaggans, warmers...
Volunteers for this event stand outside through two nights of sometimes frigid December temperatures. We do our best to see that everyone is covered and prepared for the elements while they are serving in this way.
Donations are possible via Paypal, United Way or through a personal check made payable to: Camp CrosswayNote that we are a 501(c) operation so all donations are tax deductible. 

Thank you for your support!
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