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Go on Mission with Camp Crossway!


Our Camp motto is Come. Get. Go. Give. We sincerely hope that all who Come to Camp Crossway, whether as a camper, volunteer or visitor, Get what they are seeking from Jesus, and once they've freely received His love, we pray that they will Go and Give it to others throughout the world!

Dominican Republic

In September 2016, our nine-member team traveled to Azua, Dominican Republic, where we partnered with Pastor Raul Aquino, and his wife, Zanza. Raul and Zanza have founded a school for DR children who, for various reasons, are unable to attend other public education institutions in Azua. The Christian school operates on a very tight, shoe-string budget, but they are currently educating 300+ little souls! Classroom space is limited, and construction is ongoing to add more available space for students to learn in an environment that well prepares them for a career. Raul pastors at Iglesia de Christo de Communidad, a vibrant and lively church focused on bringing in the surrounding community. We plan to return to Azua in May 2018. If you're interested in joining our next Mission Trip, please fill out this form and a Camp representative will contact you with more information.


Greasewood, Arizona is a tiny community just past the New Mexico/Arizona border. Pastor Johnny Glover originally came there for a three-week interim position at the Navajo Faith Mission. Now, more than 20 years later, he is still actively devoted to the ministry there. The one-room, stone church sits on a small plot of land, flanked by four singlewide trailers utilized as Sunday School classes, storage space, and Pastor Johnny's personal home. Our crew of 13 youth and 4 adults fell in love with the Greasewood community, and especially the children, when we conducted a Vacation Bible School in May 2017. We also spent time repairing and updating the church facilities, and were able to construct two handicapped accessible ramps for an elderly brother and sister living nearby. Our youth frequently ask when we will return to Greasewood; Lord willing, we will put those plans into action soon.

Thanks for inquiring about our upcoming Dominican Republic Missions Trip. A Camp Crossway representative will contact you soon with more details.


God can utilize horrendous conditions to bring forth miraculous cirucmstances, and during our recent disaster relief missions trip to Groves, Texas, we saw exactly that! In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we saw our friends from Encounter Church hurting and in need of help to begin rebuilding from the rubble. The Bible instructs us to take care of our fellow believers, and when we committed to go, God saw fit to bring an abundance of funding, support and willing hands to work! Working side-by-side to clean out the flooded homes of so many hurricane victims, we saw God's Kingdom brought to life. Denomination, race, socio-economic status, gender or any other dividing factor ceased to matter; the only focus was showing God's love to a world in need of Him! Please continue praying for so many people affected by recent storms. May God continue to send workers!





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